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Need a Website to grow your business online?

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and you will get

Website Builder
Website builders are typically aimed at non-technical users who want to establish an online presence for personal or business purposes. They eliminate the need for manually writing code and provide a more accessible way for people to create professional-looking websites without hiring a web developer.
Payment Gateway
A payment gateway is a crucial component of e-commerce websites and online businesses. It is a technology that facilitates the secure and smooth processing of online transactions, allowing customers to make payments for products or services they purchase on the internet.
Contact Form
A contact form is a common feature found on websites that allows visitors to get in touch with the website owner or organization easily. It serves as a user-friendly way for people to send messages or inquiries without the need to open their email client or use external communication methods.

That's not all. If you need any further assistance or any new plugin or feature, just let me know. I will make it for you for free or at a very low cost.

Whatever the business you have

we got it covered

Real Estate
Retail Stores
Home Services
Non Profit Organisation
Event Planners
Online Course and coaching

Stress-free experience

ease with simplicity

Pay monthly
You don't have to pay yearly. Just pay monthly so that If you do not like a platform then just bail out. No Questions, No nothing. Just feel relaxed.
Maintenance Free
You don't have to hire anyone to maintain your website's technical things because all technical things are maintained by the platform automatically for you. Still If you need something like some extra code or something then Just ask me. I will do that for you for free.
Custom Backend
You can request any kind of backend feature that you want. By default We provide contact form but you can request for more. It is free.
Everything in one place
Siteforfive is a one place solution for all your website related problem for $5USD/month. It will save you a lot of time.
Free SSL
Your website will always be hosted on secure https by default. You don't have to pay extra for this.

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